2016 SCL Baseball All-League Team

by / Tuesday, 07 June 2016 / Published in News
devin og (3)

Devon Ogston- SCL Player of the Year

Player of the Year
Devon Ogston Senior Analy

Infield (First Team)
Jordan Parks Junior Analy
Logan Douglas Junior Petaluma
Ethan Vitale Junior Sonoma
Shane O’Malley Junior Sonoma

Outfield (First Team)
Tayler Cullen Senior Analy
Luke Wheless Senior Petaluma
Kempton Brandis Soph. Petaluma
Danny Marzo Soph. Petaluma

Catcher (First Team)
Levy Yeley Senior Healdsburg

Pitchers (First Team)
Ryan Calderon Senior Analy
Gabe Werthimer Senior Analy
Carson Snyder Junior Sonoma
Colten Mertens Junior Sonoma

Designated Hitter (First Team)
Jacob Beeler Senior Analy

Utility (First Team)
Nolan Alvarez Senior Analy

Coach of the Year
Don Lyons Sonoma


Infield (Second Team)
David Codoni Senior Analy
Cody Newman Senior Healdsburg
Porter Slate Soph. Petaluma
Dylan Currin Senior Piner

Outfield (Second Team)
Johnny Gomes Senior Analy
Austin Sani Senior El Molino
J. Marshall Senior Healdsburg
J. Miller Soph. Piner

Catcher (Second Team)
Nick Andrakin Soph Petaluma

Pitchers (Second Team)
Kyle Kaasch Senior El Molino
B. Monohan Junior Healdsburg
Jared Robison Senior Petaluma
J. Shipman Soph Piner

MacLean Meyn Senior Sonoma

Utility (Second Team)
Bryant Herrguth Senior Healdsburg


Honorable Mention
Sam Wilson Freshman El Molino
Zach Vallery Senior Healdsburg
Cody Koch Senior Healdsburg
Gus Guerne Senior El Molino
Cole Petersen Senior Petaluma
Carter Merlaud Senior Analy
Evan McPherson Healdsburg
Jake Wiggins Senior Piner
Jalen Baker Junior Piner
Noah Cess Sonoma

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