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ALL YSN features just one player per position and players cannot be assigned two postions (offense and defense).

Offense, Defense, plus a kicker, a punter and kick returner.

Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year are selected from the list, as well as Overall Player of the Year (MVP) :

ALL YSN 17 red



NG- Nicholas Goldthorpe, SR, Rancho Cotate

DL- Colton Hall, SR, Middletown

DE- Bas Osborn, SR, Windsor

DE- Connor Barbato,  JR, Rancho Cotate

Dino Kahaulelio with a longreturn after picking one off

Dino Kahaulelio with a long return after picking one off


LB- Dino Kahaulelio, JR, Cardinal Newman

LB- Ryan Matteri, SR, Rancho Cotate

LB- Elias Rantissi, JR, Rancho Cotate 

LB- Tanner Mendoza, SR, Cardinal Newman


CB- Jacob Ponzo, SR, Analy

CB- Blake Thomas, SR, Santa Rosa

Blake Thomas on the move after an INT

Blake Thomas on the move after an INT

SS- Jason Moran, SR, Cardinal Newman

FS- B.J. Johnson, JR, Montgomery

Punter- B.J. Grady, SR, Cloverdale



C- Kyle Luque, SR, Rancho Cotate

G- Nick Wycoff, SR, Cardinal Newman

G- Jairo Mejia, SR, Windsor

T- Luke Haggard, SR, Petaluma

T- Deric Younce, SR, Cardinal Newman

Austin Rapolla with a great catch

Auston Rapolla with a great catch


WR- Auston Rappolla, SR, Montgomery 

WR- Jaelen Ward, SR, Rancho Cotate 

WR- Kyle Carinalli,SR, Cardinal Newman

WR- Logan Reese, SR, Rancho Cotate 


RB- Kelvin Castillo, SR, Piner

QB- Jake Simmons, SR, Rancho Cotate


Kicker- Matt Nielsen, JR, Cardinal Newman

KOR- Mark Boschetti, SR, Cardinal  Newman

Tanner Mendoza on his way to teh end zone

Tanner Mendoza on his way to the end zone


Coach of The Year -Bill Foltmer, Middletown

Defensive Player of the Year– Dino Kahaulelio

Offensive Player of the Year– Jake Simmons

Player of the Year: MVP– Tanner Mendoza

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