HENRY STELZNER Bay 6 Conference Defensive Player of the Year

by / Monday, 14 November 2016 / Published in News

Bay 6 All-Conference 2016



Henry Stelzner (44) Defensive Player of The Year


WR Kerr Jonson                Analy High school

WR Ben Putman               Novato High School

QB Mitch Hood                 Sonoma Valley High School

OL Jaylon Soto                   Will C. Wood

RB Ja’Narrick James        Analy High School                            Multi-Purpose Player of the Conference


OL Matthew Robinson   Sonoma Valley High School          Honorable Mention Offense



DB Keith Benjamin          El Cerrito High School

LB Henry Stelzner            Montgomery High School             Defensive Conference Player of the Year

LB Miles Gardea               Casa Grande High School

DL Adam Blom                   Wendes High School


LB Presley Piliati              East Anchorage High School        Honorable Mention Defense

DL Baxter Ming                 El Molino High School                     Honorable Mention Defense

Db Keilan Benjamin         El Cerrito High School                     Honorable Mention Defense


Special Teams

P  Dalton Mullins              Windsor High School

K  Andros Pedroza           Novato High School


Being forwarded for All-State

Kerr Johnson Jr.

Henry Stelzner

Dalton Mullins

Andros Pedroza