NCL I 2017 All League Football Team

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2017 All League Football Team


Most Valuable Player – Offense


Hokulani Wickard                              QB                              Lower Lake                             Senior



1st Team – Offense


Alex Adams                                        QB                              Clear Lake                              Senior


Arian Villalobos                                  RB                               Kelseyville                              Junior


Rodrigo Lupercio                                RB                               Clear Lake                              Junior


Casey Walker                                      RB                               St. Helena                                Senior


Christian Chaves                                 WR                              Cloverdale                               Senior


Taylor Scott                                        WR                              Lower Lake                             Senior


Trey O’Neil                                         WR                              Middletown                            Senior


Jacob Arms                                         WR                              Willits                               Sophomore


Johnny Delgado                                  IL                                Fort Bragg                               Junior


Colton Hall                                         IL                                Middletown                             Senior


Cameron Ketchum                              IL                                Middletown                            Senior


Jon Vanderwall                                   IL                                Kelseyville                              Junior


Virgil Ellis                                           IL                                Lower Lake                             Senior


Melchor Alonso                                  TE                               Cloverdale                               Senior




 Most Valuable Player – Defense


Colton Hall                                         DL                               Middletown                            Senior


1st Team – Defense


Cameron Ketchum                              DL                               Middletown                            Senior


Michael Jamison                                 DL                               Lower Lake                             Senior


Jeremy Segura                                     DL                               Fort Bragg                               Junior


Devon Ross                                         DE                               Middletown                            Senior


Brian Carrillo                                      DE                               Kelseyville                              Junior


JD Prescott                                          LB                               Kelseyville                              Senior


Peerliss Brooke                                   LB                               Lower Lake                             Senior


Ian Sutton                                           LB                               Fort Bragg                               Senior


Justin Cantrell                                     LB                               Clear Lake                              Senior


Jone Wesele                                        LB                               Cloverdale                               Junior


Trey O’Neil                                         DB                              Middletown                            Senior


Zack Watkins                                      DB                              Kelseyville                              Junior


Christian Cia                                       DB                               St. Helena                                Senior


Jason McCord                                     DB                              Fort Bragg                               Senior


Jacob Arms                                         LB                               Willits                               Sophomore






 Honorable Mention


Gio Antonini                                       LB                               St. Vincent                       Sophomore


Brian Giron                                         RB                               St. Vincent                              Senior


Conner Dotzler                                   OL                               St. Helena                                Senior


Luke Holt                                            QB                              Middletown                            Senior


Gavin Bartel                                        OL                               Clear Lake                              Senior


Scott Sanchez                                      TE                               Kelseyville                              Senior


Triston Martinez                                 DB                              Willits                                      Senior


BJ Grady                                             DB                              Cloverdale                               Senior


Charles Powell                                    DB                              Lower Lake                             Senior






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